The devastating effects of climate change are being felt every day, and our reliance on fossil fuels not only damages our environment, but it also damages our pocketbook, with gas prices at record highs and everyday citizens feeling the pain at the pump.  

Here in Rhode Island, we’re doing something about it. With the 2021 passage of the Act on Climate, we started trailblazing our own path that made us a leader in curbing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to a clean, green economy. 

But the work has only just begun. 

Senate Bill 2274 and House Bill 7277 will ensure that Rhode Island sources 100% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2030, beating the federal government’s goal by 5 years and putting Rhode Island in a position to generate massive new investments and career opportunities in solar, offshore wind and other renewable energy projects. 

Please contact your legislators today. Tell them to pass the 100% renewable energy standard bill now.

To find your legislators, visit or use the lookup below.